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Since 2011, our company has turned its attention towards the protection of people, in the different environments in which they live, by finding solutions to protect the environment and the foods or food ingredients, which are commonly used in the industrial area, environment and household.

Our concept: “Protection – Anti contamination – Hygiene”

EPP-series are the only professional ultrasonic pest repellers with special “Multiplex Modulated Sweeping Ultrasonic Sounds”. It combines our 2 unique technologies, “Automatic Frequency Change” and “Adjustable Sweeping Speed” which can prevent rodents from getting used to a single-frequency sound by changing frequency and speed all the time. These intense ultrasonic waves (20~65 kHz are out of the hearing range of humans) directly attack rodents’ auditory and central nerve systems to drive away these unwanted animals from your place without using toxic chemicals or killing them.
Our products guarantee quality performance and lasting effectiveness and are all made in Taiwan.
Their effective coverage ranges from 100 sq. meters to 660 sq. meters. (When in an open field without any obstruction. their coverage could be doubled).

Our clients


Made by Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers

International Accredited by U.S. Environmental Protection Association
EPAEST.NO. from 1974



The company WELOC – WELAND M AB.- SWEDEN is one of the main world-wide producers of accessories such as sealing systems / bag closure /food bags, applicable in the various industries in the process of production and processing, as well as in retail for household use.

The products promoted to this effect represent professional solutions manufactured by WeLoc Sweden, our company being its main representative in Romania and Eastern Europe.

It seals and protects any bag, sack with ingredients, raw materials, throughout the entire production and storage processes.

It protects from contact with air or water, against moisture, oxidation, contamination.

Weloc, part of Weland Group, being present at the international level, with a tradition of more than 30 years of experience.

Here is a part of our portfolio of customers in Romania and worldwide:

Food Industry & Retail – Orkla Foods Romania; Vel Pitar; Sly Nutritia; Rotta Natura; Angst; Orkla Foods Norway; Orkla Foods Sweden; Unilever; ASM Foods; Jacobs; Melitta; Nestlé; Blue Mountain; Caprimo; Gevalia; Dallmayr; Allegretto; Zoega……

Restaurants / Catering – McDonalds; Burger King; Pizzahut…

Petfood Industry – Virbac France; Pedigree; Pro Plan; Friskies, Royal Canin……

Bakery – Ireks GmbH; Frebaco Kvarn; Nordbakels….

Industry in general – Henkel; Carela; Sartorius Stedim; Clariant Masterbatches; Minitube; Novozymes ..

Pharma – 3M Poland; Teleflex Medical; AstraZeneka; BioMerieux; BS Medical Fresenius Kabi; Sarstedt; ATMI; Sartorius Stedim; Rotta Natura Romania…..

This is our portfolio of customers, certifying our products as well as the premium quality unique solutions, being manufactured in Sweden, as it is engraved on each “Made in Sweden” product, in the factory of WELOC – WELAND M. AB located in the town of Smalandsstenar.

The products are made of Nylon and Polyamide PA 6.6 DuPont, reinforced with glass fiber for the Gripper products. In different colors, they can be used in several distinct units, production or storage locations.

The products can be printed with your company logo.

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